A Pocket Guide to Butterflies of Southern Quebec

I've reprinted my Quebec guides and they are now in stock

French and English versions are available by mail for $15 each + shipping

Normally, shipping will be a flat $3 regardless of how many copies you order ( for shipping to points outside Canada, please contact me for a quote ).

Additional discounts may apply for larger orders.

Click here for additional details and a sample preview of the Ontario guide.

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Quebec Butterfly Guide


  • Fully laminated to make it Lightweight, Durable and Weatherproof. Take it anywhere!

  • French version includes English common names

  • English version includes French common names

  • 106 Species ( ranging from common to rare )

  • over 240 natural-pose field images

  • Dorsal/Ventral views *

  • Separate images of Male/Female as well as Seasonal/Regional variants *

  • Flight season charts

  • Size and Status indications for each species

  • Accordion fold opens to show entire families at a glance. No need to flip pages back and forth to compare related species.

  • Measures ~ 4"x10" when folded, opens to ~28"x10"

  • Smaller butterflies ( Skippers and Lycaenids ) are on one side while larger butterflies ( Swallowtails, Pierids and Nymphalids ) are on the other.

* where appropriate

This guide includes all the Butterfly species you are likely to see anywhere in Quebec south of Quebec City. As you go further North, you will start to encounter some Northern species that do not appear in this guide.

For additional details and a sample preview, click here.

This short video may give you a better idea of what the guide looks like...