Chryxus Arctic (Oeneis chryxus)

Chryxus Arctic ( Oeneis chryxus )

Luskville, QC 2011/05/12

Chryxus Arctic ( Oeneis chryxus )

Carp, ON 2011/05/22

Chryxus Arctic ( Oeneis chryxus )

Luskville, QC 2012/05/11

Chryxus Arctic ( Oeneis chryxus )

Round Lake PNR, ON 2017/06/08

Member of Family: Nymphalidae

French common name: Nordique orangé

Note: Some taxonomists believe that this butterfly is a separate species from the chryxus which flies elsewhere in Canada. Oeneis calais has been proposed as the latin name for the butterfly which flies here in Eastern Canada. This is the designation currently used in eButterfly. "Calais Arctic" and "Barrens Arctic" are two english common names that have been proposed for this new species. This new taxonomy is not yet accepted universally.

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