A Pocket Guide to Butterflies of Southern & Eastern Ontario

( and Southwestern Quebec )

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Ontario Butterfly Guide


  • Fully laminated to make it Lightweight, Durable and Weatherproof. Take it anywhere!
  • Includes both English & French common names
  • 109 Species ( ranging from common to rare )
  • over 245 natural-pose field images
  • Dorsal/Ventral views *
  • Separate images of Male/Female as well as Seasonal/Regional variants *
  • Flight season charts
  • Size and Status indications
  • Accordion fold opens to show entire families at a glance. No need to flip pages back and forth to compare related species.
  • Measures ~ 4"x10" when folded, opens to ~28"x10"
  • Smaller butterflies ( Skippers and Lycaenids ) are on one side while larger butterflies ( Swallowtails, Pierids and Nymphalids ) are on the other.

* where appropriate

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This short video may give you a better idea of what the guide looks like. All my guides have a similar layout...