Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos)

Pearl Crescent ( Phyciodes tharos )

Male - Manion Corners, ON   2013/07/12

Pearl Crescent ( Phyciodes tharos )

Male - Manion Corners, ON  2010/08/20

Pearl Crescent ( Phyciodes tharos )

 Almonte, ON  2013/09/12 (mating pair of Calico morphs - female on the right)  

Pearl Crescent ( Phyciodes tharos )

 Female - Manion Corners, ON   2013/07/12

Member of Family: Nymphalidae 

The Pearl and Northern Crescents were declared separate species relatively recently, and there is still some question as to whether there are additional species in this complex.  In any case, distinguishing them is problematic, as everyone seems to use slightly different criteria to tell them apart.  As such, my identifications here should be taken with a grain of salt.  

The normal form of the Pearl Crescent is shown at top left.  At bottom left, the image shows what we call the "Calico" morph (aka "Marcia form").  All Crescent species produce this form early and late in the season.  It is characterized by a pattern of cream, orange, and reddish-brown patches (which is why I coined the term Calico for this form).

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