Butterfly Related Websites 

Butterflies of Quebec - my website that focuses on La Belle Provence

Butterflies of the Maritimes - my website that focuses on the Maritime Provinces

Butterflies of Canada - online version of this important reference work
Les papillons diurnes du Canada - french version of Butterflies of Canada
Ontario Butterfly Atlas Online - a useful tool for checking what species have been reported in a particular area.  NOTE: if you participate in eButterfly, your records will eventually find their way into the Atlas, contributing to the knowledge base that everyone can access.

Butterflies of Toronto - a PDF version of a handy guidebook authored by members of the TEA.
Leps Blog - Blog on Butterfly related topics


Sentinels on the Wing - comprehensive overview of Status and Conservation of Butterflies in Canada

West Virginia White - group tracking/researching this threatened species

Butterfly Gardening

OFNC page on Gardening for Butterflies

Nature Conservancy - Native Gardening 101

Butterflies in the Classroom

Monarch Teacher Network  - workshops and resources on using Monarch butterflies in the classroom

Lucy's Butterfly Farm - Butterfly kits

Gaia Nature - Butterflies for the Classroom

Other Butterfly/Moth Photography Websites - amazing moth images by Jim des Rivières


Local Hiking Recommendations 

Larry Neily's Birding Ottawa - A great resource for finding spots to visit in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  Many of the area's "hotspots" are described, often with trailmaps and directions to trailheads

Carolinian Canada - Sites to visit in Southern Ontario
also see the links for Field Naturalists' clubs below - their sites typically feature info on hiking trails

Other Nature Related Websites

Naturalists Clubs ( Eastern Ontario )

Pembroke Area Field Naturalists - page dedicated to Butterflies & Moths of Renfrew County


Willow Beach Field Naturalists  ( Port Hope/Cobourg area )

Kawartha Field Naturalists ( Lindsay/Fenelon Falls )

Naturalists Clubs ( Southern Ontario )

South Peel Naturalists' Club ( Mississauga/Oakville )

Bert Miller Nature Club ( Port Colborne/Fort Erie )

Sydenham Field Naturalists ( Chatham-Kent )

Norfolk Field Naturalists ( Simcoe area )

Entomological Societies  

Toronto Entomologists' Association - lots of useful information for Ontario in general


Further Afield...

Maritimes Butterfly Atlas - you have to dig a bit to get to the species pages, but there's some useful information about many species that we have in common.

Butterflies of Nova Scotia - a similarly organized website covering many of the same species as this  one.
Wisconsin Butterflies - a nicely constructed website covering many of the species we also have here in Ontario, but not all species featured on this website will be found here.
Massachusetts Butterfly Club - a website featuring a useful tool for comparing photos of different species side-by-side.  Not all species featured  on this website  will be found in Ontario.

Maryland Butterflies - another great regional butterfly website. Not all species featured  on this website  will be found in Ontario.